Genetically engineered horses designed to be faster, stronger and better jumpers will be born in 2019 after a breakthrough by the same laboratory which clones polo ponies.

Writing in The Lancet , Swiss doctors report that cartilage cells harvested from patients` own noses have been used to successfully produce cartilage transplants for the treatment of the knees of 10 adults (aged 18-55 years) whose cartilage was damaged by injury.

Woke up looking like a puffer fish? While you know that chugging back a few cocktails or gaining weight can make your face look puffier than usual, there are a few other, more surprising reasons why you might be swollen.

A NINE-week-old baby’s huge hair has been stopping shoppers in the tracks.


Junior Cox-Noon’s bulging barnet has been turning heads and his mum says it now takes her two-hours to do the weekly shop because people stop to say hello.

As if reading could get any better, scientists have now linked it to a longer life, reports citing Independent. 

The EU Delegation to Azerbaijan in cooperation with the Embassies of EU member-states and in partnership with the Administration of the Baku Boulevard is pleased to announce the 2016 EuroVillage.

Azerbaijan Carpet Museum, the most visited art museum in Baku, offers a unique opportunity for everyone to enjoy its rich and extensive collection!

The next “Uch mekan” International Theater Festival will kick off in one of Azerbaijan’s loveliest towns Shaki on September 15-24, Azertac reported.

Millions of people are set to tune in Sunday to watch the season six finale of Game of Thrones, HBO’s sprawling fantasy epic about warring kingdoms in the fictional land of Westeros. On Thursday, voters in a real-life kingdom will decide whether to break with the European Union — a move that could spell bad news for the fictional show, Foreign Policy (blog) reports.

A monkey plunged Kenya into a massive blackout after falling on a key transformer in the country's largest hydroelectric plant, the KenGen power generating company said on Wednesday.

A new body-scanning mirror could soon have you asking, "Mirror, mirror on the wall, who`s the fittest of them all?" But unlike the magic mirror from Snow White`s tale, this new device will objectively respond with your body dimensions, weight and muscle mass, all displayed on a 3D avatar of your physique.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova has held her promise to journalists working at the Russia-ASEAN summit in Sochi and performed the traditional Russian Kalinka dance.

The unusual performance of the high-ranking diplomat took place during a concert organized on the sidelines of the summit.


A smartphone app might offer an alternative for certain patients with an irregular heartbeat who must take risky blood-thinning medication every day to lower their risk for stroke.

More than 1,000 people from 29 states participated in the Florida Fish and Wild Life Commission's 2016 python challenge.

World Cancer Day is marked on February 4. 


Beauty contracts come and go, but for Natalie Portman and Dior Beauty, theirs is a long-term relationship. Begun in 2010 and incorporating foundation ads in varying states of undress, a turn as a runaway bride and now Dior's new Diorskin Forever campaign, it's one of the beauty and celebrity worlds' most harmonious pairings.

Moscow’s President Hotel on March 6 – 8 will host the Azerbaijan Fashion Week. Organized by the Moscow-based Azerbaijani Culture studio in partnership with the Russian-Azerbaijani Friendship Center, the event will feature a fashion show, after party, exhibition and sale, welcome party and workshop.

Samir Soltanov/AZADİNFORM. Zaqatala rayonunda 27 yaşlı gənc yeni avtomobil hazırlayıb. Bir ton 250 kq çəkisi olan avtomobilin ərsəyə gəlməsi üçün 5 ilə yaxın vaxt sərf olunub. 

Adəm Abbaslı/AZADİNFORM. Astarada 3000 manata quş satırlar. Astara sakini Murad Muradov deyir ki, quşçuluğa uşaq yaşlarından marağı olub. Əvvəllər göyərçin, qırqovul və digər quşları saxlasa da, son illər Tovuzquşu təsərrüfatı yaratmağa qərar verib. 

Nasist Almaniyasında gizli bir proqram vardı. Həmin proqram ovçarka cinsindən olan itlərə danışmağı öyrədib, onlardan II Dünya Müharibəsində, xüsusi hərbi əməliyyatlarda istifadə olunmasını nəzərdə tuturdu. 

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