A New York man charged with trying to defraud Facebook Inc founder Mark Zuckerberg is seeking asylum in Ecuador, Report informs citing Reuters.

The employees of Bishkekzelekhoz municipal enterprise together with representatives of National Academy of Sciences of Kyrgyzstan started oak injection in the Oak Park, reports Trend citing to akipress.com

Researchers in the Philippines announced today that they have discovered a species of ancient human previously unknown to science, according to National Geographic.

An international group of scientists believes they have found the remains of ancient people who belong to an unknown species of man in the Philippines.

Amazon CEO, world’s richest man Jeff Bezos and his wife, Mackenzie said that they reached an agreement on the division of property after a divorce, Report informs citing Lenta.ru.

A new fuel to pair emissions reduction with energy efficiency has been developed by Italy’s Eni and FCA, Trend reports citing Eni.

In 2018, male Turkish citizens entered into 22,700 marriages with female foreign citizens, Trend reports referring to the Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK).

An improved diet can help boost people's moods and reduce symptoms of mild depression, a study has found, according to ABC News.

Baku's Maiden Tower is among the top 5 most romantic places of CIS cities, Trend reports with reference to the TourStat agency's report.

U.S. senators introduced a resolution that would hold bin Salman accountable for Khashoggi's murder


Tesla CEO Elon Musk said Tuesday the company will eliminate some interior design options for the Model S sedan and Model X sport utility vehicle to simplify production at Tesla’s assembly factory, according to CNBC.

While Apple, Google and other major handset makers are packing smartphones with ever more bells and whistles, a Japanese company is releasing a phone that latches onto another trend: the rise of the smaller, simpler smartphone.

Shamakhi Astrophysical Observatory named after Nasraddin Tusi of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Science (ANAS) has specified the dates of Solar Eclipses in 2019.

A rogue, planet-size object 20 light-years away from Earth has stunned astronomers with its incredibly powerful magnetic field. Report informs citing the foreign media.

Genetically engineered horses designed to be faster, stronger and better jumpers will be born in 2019 after a breakthrough by the same laboratory which clones polo ponies.

Writing in The Lancet , Swiss doctors report that cartilage cells harvested from patients` own noses have been used to successfully produce cartilage transplants for the treatment of the knees of 10 adults (aged 18-55 years) whose cartilage was damaged by injury.

Woke up looking like a puffer fish? While you know that chugging back a few cocktails or gaining weight can make your face look puffier than usual, there are a few other, more surprising reasons why you might be swollen.

A NINE-week-old baby’s huge hair has been stopping shoppers in the tracks.


Junior Cox-Noon’s bulging barnet has been turning heads and his mum says it now takes her two-hours to do the weekly shop because people stop to say hello.

As if reading could get any better, scientists have now linked it to a longer life, AzVision.az reports citing Independent. 

The EU Delegation to Azerbaijan in cooperation with the Embassies of EU member-states and in partnership with the Administration of the Baku Boulevard is pleased to announce the 2016 EuroVillage.

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