Baku obtains 10 new subway trains

Baku has obtained 10 subway trains produced upon the contract between Baku Metro CJSC and the Russian Transmashholding JSC, Trend reports on June 11.

According to the contract, Transmashholding will supply 20 more subway trains to the Baku Metro during the year.

The subway trains (81-765. B81- / 766.B model) produced by Metrowagonmash, part of Transmashholding JSC, belong to the modern fourth generation.

The doors in new trains are wider as opposed to the old ones. They are equipped with air conditioning and ventilation systems, good thermal and sound insulation, and USB ports for charging gadgets. Furthermore, there are special places for the safe placement of wheelchairs in the first, second and third trains.

The manufacturer, at the request of the customer, took into account the technical features of the Baku Metro. The original light graphic scheme waschanged in accordance with the local information system.

One of the main innovations is the compliance of the cooling system with Baku’s climatic conditions. The air conditioning in the trains is of highly quality. Taking into account the complexity of the relief of the Baku Metro, all subway trains have been equipped with traction motors.

The new trains will be used after the testing and commissioning work is over.

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