Ideology of Azerbaijanism - as the basis of national unity - III

Having a common interest in creating Azerbaijan statehood of the unified poly-ethnic nation, purposes of the struggle for democracy, free market, improvement of social standards find its reflection in the ideology of Azerbaijanism.

In this sense, Azerbaijanism has as much universal character as it has national.  Tolerance should be especially emphasized among its positive characteristics. Azerbaijanism calls for unity of all people, regardless of their language, ethnicity, race and social status, for a common purpose, in the name of their homeland. The fact that every citizen, regardless of their religion or nationality, possesses the sense of a national ownership for this land is a manifestation of tolerance.  In fact, we wouldn’t be wrong if we said it is in our people’s blood to be tolerant to all ethnicities and religions. Tolerance towards other nations is clearly reflected in our national traditions, in our mentality, our our folklore that carries in itself our social, spiritual and religious layers.  

Azerbaijan has proved the notion of existence of a common land for people of all nationalities and ethnicities that has lived in its territories for centuries. For centuries, Azerbaijan has been an example for the world as a tolerant country. As our national leader said,  multi-ethnic makeup our population is our treasure and our advantage. The term  "Azerbaijani”  has been a carrier of the mission of unity and solidarity throughout the history. We all know that, the biggest wish of our enemies has often been to divide us.  For this purpose, attempts have been made to plant the seeds of enmity among people and ethnicities that live in Azerbaijan, to undermine the sense of brotherhood and faith and to spread separatist tendencies. They have planned various provocation and have obtained the help of traitors.   

In the founding meeting of the Russian Congress of Azerbaijanis on June 22, 2000, Heydar Aliyev advised that we shouldn’t forget our ethnic and religious origin: "Yes, our ancestors accepted Islam since its inception. Islam has been our spiritual basis for life for centuries. We cannot worship any other religion or accept it. By the way, many are surprised to find out that three religious confessions co-exist in Azerbaijan peacefully. That’s how we are, I repeat, we tolerate other religions, but at the same time, we shouldn’t forget our on religion that is the main source for our traditions and national ceremonies”.  (Azerbaijan diaspora. Baku – 2005, p-65.)  

As the head of the state of Azerbaijan, Heydar Aliyev paid special attention to preserving our national and spiritual values and mixing it with the state policy, when he formed the ideology of Azerbaijanism. In his famous statement issues on August 13, 2001, (Sheykhulislam Haji Allahshukur Pashazadeh was insulted in one of the newspapers), he said of the people who abused the democracy in the country: "  Every nation has its own customs, traditions and national and religious values. We are proud of our values, religious values and traditions. If a person cannot understand the national and spiritual values of the nation they belong to, or they intentionally distorts them, and it reach a point where they insult the religious leader of Azerbaijan, then that naturally concerns us. We have provided all demands of democracy in Azerbaijan and we will continue to do so. But every action taken against the national and spiritual values of Azerbaijan will be prevented”.   

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This article is published  within the framework of the project “Holding  a series of events to promote the ideology of Azerbaijanism” by “Perfection” Legal Enlightenment for Citizenship Public Union with financial support of the Council of State Support to Non-Governmental Organizations under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

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