Actual weather condition in Azerbaijan announced

Actual weather conditions from afternoon of May 26 till the morning of May 27 have been announced.

Report informs citing the National Hydrometeorology Department of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources that the weather from afternoon of May 26 till the morning of May 27 was unstable, thunder stroke, and it occasionally rained. Pouring rain was observed in some parts of the Greater Caucasus, hail in some places and strong west wind blew.

Amount of rain in districts

The Greater Caucasus:19 mm in Saribash (Gakh), 11 mm in Ismayilli, 8 mm in Guba, 7 mm in Kishchay (Shaki), 5 mm in Zagatala, 4 mm in Khinalig, 2 mm in Balaken, Gabala, Shaki, 1 mm in Shahdag, Shamakhi, MAraza, Khachmaz, Gusar, Khaltan;

Ganja-Gazakh zone: 14 mm in Naftalan, 5 mm Aghdam, 3.0 mm in SHamkir.

Central Aran districts: 8 mm in Goychay, 4 mm in Barda, Jafarkhan, 3 mm in Mingechevir, Yevlakh, 2 mm in Kurdemir, 1 mm in Tartar, Zardab, Sabirabad, Salyan, Gazimammad;

The Lesser Caucasus: 24 mm in ToghanaChaykend, 16 mm in Gedebey, 2 mm in Dashkesen, 0.1 mm in Goygol.;

Lankaran-Astara zone: 5 mm in Lerik, 0.1-1.0 mm in Bilasuvar, NEftchala, YArdimli, Lankaran;

Nakhchivan AR: 4 mm in Aghdere (Ordubad), 2 mm in Shahbuz, 1 mm in Nakhchivan, 0.5 mm in Sherur;

Baku and Absheron peninsula: 3 mm in Sumgayit, Baku, 1 mm in Mashtaga, Bine, Zabrat, Pirallahi.

Hail: 11 mmin Naftalan at 1:05-1.09 p.m., 10-12 mm in the Kish village of Shaki district at 10:17-10:34 p.m., 13 mm in Samukh district at 7:55-7:58 p.m., 11 mm in Dagh Kesemen, Gazakh at 7:07-7-12 p.m., 11-13 mm in Gedebey at 3:58-4:07 p.m., 10 mm in some villages of Aghstafa district at 6:10-6:14 p.m.

Wind: West wind was 28 m/s in Tartar, Mingechgevir, Ganja, 23 m/s in Shamkir and Dashkesen, 22 m/s in Aghstafa and Ceyranchol, 20 m/s in Guba and Naftalan, 17 m/s in Sabirabad, 16 m/s in Tovuz, 15 m/s in Gedebey, 17-22 m/s in Absheron peninsula and Absheron coastline area.  

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