Envoy: Azerbaijan, Pakistan are exploring further possibilities in energy sector

Azerbaijan and Pakistan are exploring further possibilities in the energy sector, Ambassador of Azerbaijan to Pakistan Ali Alizada said in an interview with Pakistan Observer, Trend reports.

“We have excellent bilateral relations as well as strategic relations. We support each other in many different ways. As far as the economic and trade relations are concerned, we are trying to boost our trade relations and striving to increase them in the future. Our trade volume has increased 25 percent in 2018 and we expect it to go much further,” he said.

The envoy went on to add that the potential of trade between Azerbaijan and Pakistan is enormous.

“In 2017 we signed an agreement for cooperation in the energy sector. The most important area is of course is the Energy sector. There is big demand in the energy sector and oil and gas products and we are exploring further possibilities in the energy sector. Thankfully, the Economic Coordination Committee ECC has allowed Pakistan State Oil for trade agreements with oil companies in Azerbaijan. This would greatly help increase the trade turnover in the future,” he said.

Alizada said the two countries also have cooperation in defense production field.

“Azerbaijan is also buying Mushaq aircrafts from Pakistan. Other than that there is cooperation in agriculture sector also and there is interest in fruits and vegetables of Pakistan for us, especially mangoes, kinos and potatoes. Azerbaijan is selling chemicals, dry fruits, canned juices and many other products in Pakistan. So the trade is healthy and growing well,” he added.

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