Best footballer of 2018/2019 in Azerbaijan revealed

The best footballer of 2018/2019 in Azerbaijan has been named.

176 out of 198 players (89%) whose names are included in the main teams on the official website of the Professional Football League, took part in the poll conducted by the Sports Research Center with the support of Report News Agency. In contrast to the previous season, the head coach of the national team of Azerbaijan Nikola Jurčević, as well as 8 experts heading elite teams participated in the elections.

18 footballers from Garabag, 21 from Neftchi, 24 from Sabail, 24 from Qabala, 26 from Zira, 19 from Sabah, 24 from Sungayit and 20 players from Keshla announced their versions.

In general, respondents distinguished 45 players. As a result, Neftchi’s midfielder Emin Mahmudov was selected as the best footballer of the season. The 27-year-old player of tjhe Azerbaijan national team prevailed Qarabag’s player player Abdellah Zoubir by a single vote difference. Mahmudov received 30 votes, while Zoubir had 29 votes. Neftchi's other player, Bagaliy Dabo closed the top three.

According to the main terms of the voting, the respondents did not vote for their team players.

Notably, 133 footballers from 185 (72%) whose names are included in in main teams on the website of Professional Football League attended in the poll conducted by the Sports Research Centre with Report's support. In the end, Sumgayit midfielder Javid Imamverdiyev won the poll where respondents generally distinguished 44 players. He prevailed Gabala’s striker Bagaliy Dabo by a single vote. Imamverdiyev had 17 votes, while Dabo had 16. Though Dabo received 20 votes for the 2018/2019 season, no one voted for Javid Imamverdiyev. 

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