Death toll in Philippines earthquake reaches 16

The death toll in the earthquake that occurred on the island of Luzon in the Central part of the Philippines the day before, has increased to 16.

Report informs citing the TASS that the due information has been provided by the Philippine National Council for the prevention, reduction of danger and elimination of emergencies in the country.

According to the Council, 81 people were injured, another 14 are missing as a result of the disaster in the provinces of Pampanga and Zambales, Central part of Luzon.

An earthquake of magnitude 6.3 occurred on the island of Luzon on April 22. Its hotbed lays at a depth of 40 km, while the tremors were felt including in Manila. According to the authorities, the earthquake caused damage to many buildings and roads, some buildings cracked.

Today the second earthquake of magnitude 6.3 occurred in the Philippines. The hotbed lies 37 km north-east of the city of Catbalogan, where nearly 68 thousand people are residing. Victims and destructions have not been reported yet.

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