Iran designates US Central Command as terrorist organization

Iranian Parliament has designated the US Central Command (CENTCOM) of the US Department of Defense as a terrorist organization, Trend reports referring to IRIB.

The bill proposed in response to the US having added Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (more commonly known as Sepah) to its list of designated terrorist organizations on April 8 was evaluated by Iranian MPs at a plenary session of the parliament today on April 23.

173 out of 215 MPs voted in favor, 4 against, and 11 abstained.

Article 1 of the bill states: In order to countermeasure against the US move in undermining regional and international peace and security, and since, according to article 150 of the Constitution, the IRGC is one of the pillars of governance defense of Iran, the bill declares the US Central Command (CENTCOM) as a terrorist organization and any assistance, such as military, intelligence, financial, technical, educational, services and logistical support to these forces in order to confront the IRGC and the Islamic Republic of Iran, are considered to be terrorist acts.

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