69 people die of overfatigue and in car accidents during elections in Indonesia

Overwork and car accidents have claimed 69 lives in Indonesia during the organization of simultaneous general elections of 2019, Report informs citing Xinhua.

The vote counting goes on. The simultaneous general elections to all levels of the government - the elections of the president and vice-president, national parliament, provincial parliaments and city and regional councils - were held in Indonesia on April 17 with the active voter turnout, which reached 82% at most polling stations, according to the public poll. Over 193 million voters eligible to vote were registered in elections. The official results of voting will be declared by the National Election Commission of Indonesia on May 22

The election commission noted that over 54 officials of the polling stations died in general, 32 others are in hospitals. All the same, sources in the head office of the Indonesian police said that 15 police officers who ensured the conduction of voting in remote areas, died while fulfilling their duties.

Both structures note that their officers died of overwork and in traffic accidents.

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