Priyanka Chopra glows in lavender ensemble as she flashes a look of love snuggled up next to Nick Jonas in Easter photo

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra spent their first Easter together as husband and wife on Sunday.

In celebration of the Christian holiday, the newlyweds shared a couple of intimate photos on Instagram.

In one picture, Priyanka is snuggled up next to her husband with an adoring look in her eyes:  'Happy Easter to you and yours! From me and mine,' Nick wrote in the caption.

Happy holiday: Priyanka Chopra had the look of love in an Easter photo with husband Nick Jonas

Dressed in a sheer lavender blouse over a white plunging top, Priyanka has the look of love written all over face as she leaned in to be closer to her man while the two were sitting outside.

The Miss World 2000 winner revealed her matching full-length lavender skirt when she shared an Instagram snap showing her alongside Nick's mother, Denise Jonas, as the couple both showcased Easter baskets.

'Happy Easter from ours to yours,' Priyanka wrote in the caption.

The photo also showcased Nick's tailored two-piece suit and his mother's full length white floral dress.

Wardrobe change: The Indian-born star also donned a copper-colored ensemble during a stroll in New York City

Color coordinated: The outfit included pants, and a tie-blazer and matching heels

Being a fashionista, Priyanka was dressed in a completely different outfit when she was spotted taking a stroll in New York City.

For the outing, the 36-year old wore cooper-colored pants with a matching tie-blazer and top.

She rounded it out with matching heels and her dark locks done up in her trademark style with dark sunglasses. 

Nick and Priyanka were married during a lavish three-day wedding ceremony in November.

On the go: After a quick stroll she hopped into a car and was driven off

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