Walt Disney Company pledges $5 million for rebuilding of Notre-Dame de Paris

The Walt Disney Company today announced it is committing $5 million to aid in the reconstruction of Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris following the devastating fire that severely damaged the historic landmark, Report informs citing the AIF.

“Notre-Dame is a beacon of hope and beauty that has defined the heart of Paris and the soul of France for centuries, inspiring awe and reverence for its art and architecture and for its enduring place in human history. The Walt Disney Company stands with our friends and neighbors in the community, offering our heartfelt support as well as a $5 million donation for the restoration of this irreplaceable masterpiece,” the company said in a statement.

Notably, in 1996 Disney released the cartoon The Hunchback of Notre Dame based on the same name novel by Victor Hugo.

Notably, the fire erupted on April 15. To date, the amount of donations promised for the restoration of the Cathedral has reached 1 billion euros.

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