Next coupon payments on SOCAR bonds paid

The 10th coupon payment of SOCAR bonds with annual yield of 5% and quarterly payments has been executed today, totaling the income of bondholders up to $12,500,000.

According to “SOCAR Capital”, coupons on SOCAR bonds totaling $1.25 mln - $12.5 per bond has been transferred to the bank account of the National Depository Centre (NDC) at the Central Bank one week earlier.

In the upcoming quarters 10 coupon payments are still outstanding as income for the bondholders with amount totaling to $12,500,000 (grand total of 25 million USD).

The main advantages of SOCAR bonds are repurchase guarantee by SOCAR at the nominal amount, simple sale and purchase transactions, payment of coupons on timely basis and high liquidity. The secondary market transactions on SOCAR bonds have exceeded $ 172 million since the emission and currently it is the security with highest liquidity in the local stock exchange with over 120 trades executed in the first quarter of 2019. Due to high demand, the market maker prices have risen to 1046 USD per bond on January 16th.

The half of total coupon payments for SOCAR Bonds with 5-year maturity has already been finished. SOCAR Bonds can be purchased at ASAN Service Centers No 1 and 5.

Next coupon payments will be executed on July 17.

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