Ticket sales for F1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix increasingly growing

Ticket sales for the Formula 1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix are growing year by year, Nigar Arpadarai, head of Marketing and Communications Department of the Baku City Circuit (BCC), told Trend as part of the video project "PREZİDENT. Müstəqillik. Təhlükəsizlik. Rifah".

Arpadarai noted that the Formula 1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix is a project contributing to the economy of Azerbaijan.

She reminded that Formula 1 has a 500-million audience.

“Last year's race in Baku was watched live by 83 million people,” she said. “This is a very big number.”

Arpadarai stressed that Formula 1 races promote Azerbaijan.

“On the other hand, this competition means direct or indirect income,” she added. “We applied to the company PwC for research, and according to the data, the total income received by the country from the 2016 and 2017 Grand Prix was $277 million.”

She noted that a 30 percent increase is observed in ticket sales for the Formula 1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix from year to year.

“Ticket sales continue successfully,” she said. “Citizens of Russia and the UK rank first and second in terms of purchasing the tickets. Last year representatives from 78 countries bought tickets. This is while 76 percent of the audience were very happy with the Grand Prix held in Baku.”

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