Primary housing prices down in Baku

Prices for secondary housing increased in Baku in March, but prices for primary housing decreased, general director of the consulting company MBA Group, real estate expert Nusrat Ibrahimov told Trend.

He said that the prices for secondary housing grew 1.13 percent in March and 5.81 percent during the year.

He noted that the prices for primary housing decreased 3 percent during the month, but grew 5.68 percent during the year.

“The prices for the primary housing market decreased because they have grown significantly so far and are now beginning to decline,” Ibrahimov said.

The expert added that prices for country houses have also increased. He noted that during the month the prices for these houses increased by 4.75 percent, and during the year by 2.18 percent.

Ibrahimov noted that the rise in prices is typical for this period of the year.

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