Michael Essien: All players should follow coach's instructions and fulfills tasks he sets

"The main thing for me is that how footballers show themselves on the pitch. As a good player, you should try to play how you was asked by the coach. The head coach is team's boss and all players should follow his instructions and perform the tasks set by him for the team success," Sabail’s footballer Michael Essien said.


Report informs he spoke to goal.com commenting on the performance of previous club Chelsea at the Premier League. The Ghanaian midfielder said that the players should take on responsibility for the unsettled performance of the Blues.

As Maurizio Sarri was appointed as Chelsea’s head coach, N'Golo Kanté became a major midfielder, retreating his position as midfielder. Instead, Jorginho was transferred from Napoli by the head coach, plays in the position of French midfielder. This decision was not unanimously agreed by those who think that Kanté was even more useful in defending midfielder position in Leicester.

However, Essien refused to join the judgements about the head coach’s decision. He stressed that he is persistent to respect the head coach's decision.

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