Enjoy the most affordable Data Roaming packages with Azercell!

Now daily Data Roaming package from Azercell is just for 3.90 AZN!

Aiming to provide the best roaming experience for its customers Azercell is pleased to offer a new daily Data Roaming package. Starting from March 29th Azercell subscribers may enjoy from 100 MB daily Data Roaming package just for 3.90 AZN. Azercell’s Data Roaming packs are the best solution, which prevent unexpected data expenses for those who are travelling abroad. 

It is worth to mention that Azercell subscribers may benefit from 2 more data packages while in roaming: 1GB Internet data for 19.90 AZN and 400 MB for 9.90 AZN.

These packages are valid in the networks of more than 70 operators functioning in the most visited 52 countries of the world, the number of which is constantly increasing. Moreover, there is no need to worry about the manual selection of prioritized operator in such popular destinations as Turkey, Georgia, USA, Qatar, Belarus, Finland, Uzbekistan, New Zealand, UAE and China, as Data Roaming Packages are valid in all networks operating in these countries. 

Do not miss the opportunity to stay online while in roaming with Azercell!

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