Hikmat Hajiyev: "Armenia's current government repeats the mistakes of Sargsyan-Kocharyan regime"

"There is a difference between the peace indicated by Armenia and the international law," Head of the Foreign Policy Affairs Department of the Presidential Administration Hikmat Hajiyev told in his interview to Anadolu Agency.


He pointed out that President Ilham Aliyev met three times with Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan demonstrating Azerbaijan's good will: "Azerbaijan's patience also has a limit. According to the requirements of the UN Security Council, the Armenian army must withdraw from the Azerbaijani territories. Otherwise, Azerbaijan will have to use all its rights indicated in the UN Charter."

The PA official stressed that Armenia needs to take the necessary steps for the negotiation process to advance: "Armenian government seems to be repeating the mistakes of the previous Sargsyan-Kocharyan regime and makes statements that will block the negotiation process. There is a need for more fair steps by the Armenian side. The international community should be persistent in this matter and send strong political and diplomatic messages to Armenia. Continued occupation for more than 25 years encourages the aggressor and strengthens Armenia's aggressive policy. "

Hajiyev said with confidence that the Azerbaijani people are ready for peace and this peace should be fair. "Armenia tries to present the current situation, in other words, the continuation of occupation, as a peace. We cannot call this situation peaceful. Therefore, there is a serious need for the Armenian people to prepare for peace. Armenia must withdraw from the occupied lands that do not belong to Armenia, and live in peace with Azerbaijan and other neighboring countries."

The department chief also said the efforts of the international community to solve the Nagorno-Karabakh problem are inadequate. "The discussions have continued for more than 25 years. Were Azerbaijani lands liberated from the occupation during this period? No! Did internally displaced persons return to their lands? No. It's time to call the occupier and the aggressor by its real name."

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