AZERTAC joins China Daily newspapers project

Azerbaijan State News Agency (AZERTAC) has actively participated in the leading Chinese English language newspaper China Daily’s project on the annual session of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, the country's top political advisory body, and the National People’s Congress.


Under the project, AZERTAC news agency assisted in organizing an online survey on the issues to be discussed at the meetings and making a video clip on the survey. The news agency also ensured press coverage of the legislative and consultative meetings . The China Daily newspaper’s management commended AZERTAC news agency for supporting the project.

By producing news in eight languages, including in Azerbaijani, English, Russian, French, German, Arabic, Chinese and Spanish, AZERTAC is closely collaborating with the influential foreign media outlets to promote Azerbaijani realities worldwide.

The cooperation established with the China Daily newspaper allows its more than 100 million readers to be aware of AZERTAC’s news not only in China, but also worldwide.

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