Zakharova: Moscow is ready to provide platform for meeting between Azerbaijani, Armenian FMs

Moscow is ready to provide a platform for the next meeting of the Foreign Ministers of Azerbaijan and Armenia, spokesperson of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said, commenting on the possible provision of a platform for the meetings of the Foreign Ministries of Azerbaijan and Armenia on the sidelines of the Council of the CIS Foreign Ministers to be held in the Russian capital city on April 5.


Zakharova noted that it is not necessary to overleap, considering the 'sensitivity and acuteness, as well as sometimes the misinterpretation of this issue in mass media."

"But it is even not specific and not applicable to this issue, but, speaking globally, when the parties address the Russian side on other issues, on all issues, that is to provide the area or for the mediatory role, Moscow always treat such requests with respect," she said. 

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