Why do not radicals protest anti-Azerbaijani statements?

Why do not radicals protest anti-Azerbaijani statements?Through the silence Isa Gambar and Ali Karimli give support to Leyla Yunus and Steiner Gil in a roundabout way 

Over the past two centuries the Azerbaijani people have been subjected to numerous genocides and massacres by Armenian ideologists on the national ground. Massacres committed against Azerbaijanis in 1905-1907, 1918 and 1992 are clear examples for it. Furthermore, Armenians have been leading ethnic cleansing against Azerbaijanis during different periods. Our compatriots were forced to flee their houses and hometowns where their ancestors are from. 


Finally,  the occupation of Nagorno-Karabakh region and surrounding 7 districts untill the second half of 1993  by the Armenian armed forces has resulted in millions of  victims. Thousands of Azerbaijanis killed by Armenians on ethnic grounds and taken hostages. In addition, over one million Azerbaijanis have become refugees and IDPs, and their fundamental rights have been violated by Armenia, an occupier. Of course, all these facts concern  any  patriotic Azerbaijani citizen. Therefore, every human being is closely involved in bringing the truth of Azerbaijan to the world and exposing Armenian lies.

Despite these hardships, there are those who want to introduce the Azerbaijanis to the world  as the wild and barbaric . Regrettably, in some cases, our fellow citizens embrace and maintain the enemy in this. One of them is Leyla Yunus, who founded and led Peace and Democracy Institute in our country and currently lives  abroad. Throughout  her activity from the beginning she has distorted Azerbaijani realities and misinformed the international community trying to form unbiased belief on our country and people.   L.Yunus tries  to persuade everyone to support Armenians, sufferers  at various international events, alleging that they  experienced great difficulties in Azerbaijan. A few days ago she continued her betrayal at a meeting held in the European Parliament with support of the Armenian lobby. At that meeting, Yunus once again made insulting, humiliating statements about  the Azerbaijanis and voiced falsehood and slanders about our people.


At the meeting  titled "Armenophobia ", she claimed that the Azerbaijanis not only show the" hostility "towards the Armenians but  the whole Christian world,  in this regard Azeri children are brainwashed into believing that Armenians are  enemies. First of all, it should be noted that the Armenian lobby stands behind such a stupid, irrational and planned "speech". Secondly  the "speech" by Leyla Yunus bluntly expresses the interests of foreign organizations financed by the Armenian lobby.


The interesting point is that L. Yunus is not alone in the mission of  realization of Armenian impropriety. Steinar Gil, former  Norwegian ambassador to Azerbaijan gives her  moral support in this issue. Targetting Azerbaijani state and people on Facebook, he tries to form an unbiased opinion on our country and people in the international arena. Firstly, it should be recalled that the Norwegian embassy in Azerbaijan was established in June 1998 and the principal goal was to facilitate "Statoil” the Norwegian oil company and promote its business interests. However later the activity of the Norwegian embassy in Azerbaijan was ambiguous. In addition, "Steinar Gil, former ambassador of Norway to Azerbaijan, who acted in contradiction to the rules of the diplomatic protocol and violated the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, inflicted a big blow to relations between Azerbaijan and Norway. This person, who had a status of ambassador, tried to interfere in the internal affairs of Azerbaijan. Instead of engaging in bilateral issues, he, by participating in various rallies, carried out other illegitimate activities of this kind.  So, the Azerbaijani government began to discuss the issue of expelling Gil from the country. As a result, the Norwegian government recalled Gil ahead of time.  And he was announced persona-non grata in Azerbaijan. 

Today  the failed diplomat stands for the interests of the Armenian lobby to take  revenge against Azerbaijan  based on the principle of "my enemy’s enemy is my friend.” 


In the background of all these the silence of  radical opposition leaders is one of the points of attention. It should be recalled that  Isa Gambar, Ali Karimli and their "colleagues" are considered friends of Steinar Gil. They even stated that Gil was a supporter and close friend of the Democrats.  They toadied to the former ambassador of Norway in this way.  However  the "close” friends do not demonstrate sincerity when the Azerbaijani state and people are targeted.  They just turn a blind eye to it. 


Sahib Mammadov, a prominent lawyer notes that the leaders of the Azerbaijani opposition, who praise  almost every statement of S.Gil, have not objected to his Facebook status expressing  slander against our  country. According to Mammadov, the former ambassador did not only critisize Azerbaijani authorities  but insulted the whole country and statehood, and even noted that there was no Azerbaijani state until 1918. The ongoing processes give rise to the fact that L.Yunus and S. Gil through their activities, as well as  "democrats" and radical opposition leaders  via positionlessness display  their pro-Armenian positions. 


Rufik Ismayilov

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