376 foreigners intending to gain refugee status appealed to Azerbaijan last year

Last year, 376 foreigners (671 people including family members) who wanted to gain refugee status applied to the State Migration Service.


Report informs that it was stated in the report of the Cabinet of Ministers on the activities for 2018.

The document states that the decisions on not granting the refugee status to 96 foreigners (137 people including family members), and to refuse 203 foreigners (409 people including family members) to grant the refugee status were made.

In addition, personal records of 1 foreigner who applied in 2017 and 25 foreigners who applied in 2018 were closed on their applications last year.

Moreover, the Commission made the relevant decisions on the loss of the refugee status by three persons (1 applicant and 2 family members) who obtained the refugee status during the reporting period.

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