Azerbaijani MP proposes suppressing foreign radio broadcasts

The question of suppressing the radio broadcasts of neighboring countries reaching Azerbaijan must be raised before the relevant authorities of the country, Aflatun Amashov, Azerbaijani MP and chairman of Azerbaijan’s Press Council, said at a plenary meeting of the Azerbaijani Parliament, Trend reports.

According to Amashov, the waves of Iranian radio are drowning out the Azerbaijani radio waves when reaching Hajigabul; similarly, one can catch Armenian radio waves at the Aghsu pass, and, when driving away from Ganja, Georgian radio can be heard as well.

Due to this, Amashov said it is important to make amendments to the legislation.

“The information space, like the land borders of countries, should have its borders, and both borders should be protected, for the sake of the country’s future. Therefore, I think it is necessary to raise this issue before the authorities."

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