Department Chief: "860 officials were reprimanded last year"

Consideration of citizens' applications was discussed in 2018 during 315 board meeting of the central executive authorities, 379 council meetings of local executive bodies and other 2,693 events held in these bodies.

Chief of the Department for Work with Documents and Appeals of Citizens of the Presidential Administration of the Republic of Azerbaijan Suleyman Ismayilov said in a broad analysis of issues of concern to the citizens of the country in 2018, how their problems are solved by the state authorities, and high attention and demand for this work.

The head of the department noted that in addition to the discussion of separate issues raised in the citizens' appeals at these meetings, disciplinary measures were also taken against officials who did not fulfill their duties honourably, neglecting the problems of citizens: "So, in 2018, 860 officials of the central executive bodies received reprimands or severe reprimands, 79 of them were dismissed, 53 were disciplined, 632 were warned. Regarding local executive authorities, disciplinary action was taken in relation to 70 officials last year. 57 of them were reprimanded or severely reprimanded, 13 of them were dismissed and 270 were warned."

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