Milli Majlis to discuss draft law on reproductive health during spring session

The draft law “On reproductive health” will be discussed at the spring session of the Milli Majlis (Parliament) in 2019, Report informs citing the Deputy Chairman of the Health Committee Musa Guliyev.

He said that the draft law is completely ready and will be discussed in the near future. "It will probably be adopted at the spring session of this year."

Notably, after adoption of the law, planning of child sex will not be allowed in Azerbaijan. The draft also noted that except the possibility of genital hereditary illnesses, it will not be allowed to plan the sex of the child during application of auxiliary reproductive technologies.

Moreover, the maintenance and use of reproductive cells for commercial purposes, the use of the human embryo for commercial, military and industrial purposes, and the maintenance and use of reproductive glands (their parts) while medical intervention without the consent of the patient.

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