Blogger Mehman Huseynov addresses media representatives - PHOTO

Jailed blogger Mehman Huseynov has addressed media representatives. Report presents the photo and text of Huseynov's message handwritten and undersigned on January 10.

The message says: "It has been 22 months that I am in prison. And throughout that period I always tried not to offend anyone with my actions and behavior. And with my current message I also do not want to spoil anyone's mood.

"I was told that in the night hours recently a social network user posted an untrue information that I was in a critical condition and had been rushed to the Treatment Center. This information made my father and beloved ones really anxious. I consider that everyone must bear responsibility for both his actions and what he writes. But people's feelings should always be taken into account. I would like to note one thing that I also do not bear responsibility either for the actions of my brother Emin or the people who love or dislike me. I want to bring to the attention of those who love me that I am not ill, I take food and recover after the hunger strike. I expect the lawsuit in relation to me to be fair. I would like to express my gratitude to you for spreading my message."

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