Mubariz Gurbanli: "Those who misuse religion try to undermine stability and create confrontation"

"Radical religious groups, those who misuse religion are extremely dangerous". Report informs, Chairman of the State Committee for Work with Religious Organizations Mubariz Gurbanli said.

He said that there are groups that are politically motivated, hiding under the name of religion: "By doing so, they try to undermine social and political stability in some countries and create a confrontation. We can judge it by the situation in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and other countries. Therefore, serious preventive measures should be taken against the misuse of religion. The relevant steps are taken by the relevant authorities in the country."

According to Gurbanli, young people's interest in films about religious radicalism is remarkable: "Through such films, we can convey more information about the religious situation in our country, the relations between the state and religion, the radicals hidden under the religion, to the public, especially to the young people."

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