Those who violate human rights trying to teach Azerbaijan a lesson

Those who violate human rights trying  to teach Azerbaijan a lessonDefense of Mehman Huseynov who was arrested two years ago in Azerbaijan by France that applies force to hundreds of citizens in the "Yellow vests " rallies just raises a bitter smile 



At the beginning of the 20th century, the Azerbaijani people, who established the first Democratic Republic in the Muslim East and  tried to adhere to democratic values and equal rights at the highest level. For example, progressive democratic principles were taken as the basis for the steps towards state building. For the first time in Azerbaijan, women have been given the right to vote and be elected. Consequently, women have participated in managing the state and society. However,  the United States, a superior worldwide state gave the vote right to women only after 72 years struggle. France, known as the cradle of democracy, gave women the right to vote in 1944. Azerbaijan, that celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Popular Front of Azerbaijan created in 1918, has ensured all human rights and freedoms. 100 years ago, and today, Azerbaijani citizens have never faced religious, language, culture, and race discrimination.  In accordance with the the Constitution of modern and independent Azerbaijan, citizens of the entire country regardless of their identity have equal rights.

Freedom of assembly, media, religion, conscience and other freedoms have been  provided in Azerbaijan. 80 percent of Azerbaijani citizens are Internet users and everyone can write, post, publicize their views freely. There is no limit to this. However, sad to say, these freedoms are abused, in some cases democracy, freedom of thought is perceived  as an arbitrariness and causes violation of the law.  In some cases, misinterpreted information and isults unknowingly or purposefully are spread in digital media, social networks that result in damaging  people's business reputation. This is, of course, unacceptable and, they should be brought to justice, according to the law. As Azerbaijan is a legal state. The recent events on Mehman Huseynov, who is currently in jail and name is often mentioned in social media lately is a clear example for it. 

It should be noted that M.Huseynov was detained by Nasimi District Police Department on January 9, 2017. Nasimi district court fined  him AZN 200 for failure to obey a police order and he has ben released. Following that while talking to journalists M. Huseynov dishonestly claimed that police allegedly tortured him  during detention.  Ministry of  Internal Affairs has denied the claim and issued a statement on M. Huseynov's slander.  The statement also said that the Ministry of Internal Affairs submitted a petition to the Prosecutor General's Office to give a legal assessment to M. Huseynov's torture charges. Chief of Nasimi District Police Department Musa Musayev filed a lawsuit against M.Huseynov. He asked for prosecution and punishment of the blogger with Clause 147.2 (the slander, which is connected with accusation of committing serious or especially serious crime) of Criminal Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan.  The court process on special prosecution appeal by Chief of Nasimi District Police Department Musa Musayev against blogger Mehman Huseynov continued today in Surakhani District Court. Decision was read at the end of process chaired by judge Jeyhun Gadimov. According to decision, M.Huseynov was sentenced to 2 years in prison. He was arrested at courtroom.

As it can be clearly seen , Huseynov has not been arrested over his journalistic activity, political belief, but slander, failure to obey a police order and violence against a representative of the government. However anti-national groups and their supporters in abroad use it as pretext to start a new campaign  against Azerbaijan. As if Mehman Huseynov began hunger strike. However, Head of the Public Relations Department of the Prison Service, Mehman Sadigov made a statement on it. According to him, Mehman Huseynov has ended his hunger strike and he is in good health.


"Mehman Huseynov eats, drinks, meets with his lawyer and talks with his family on the phone. He has no problem. You know that any person with a health problem is immediately provided with medical care.  As he does not hold a hunger strike there is no need to provide him with medical care. Mehman Huseynov held a hunger strike for only one day: He started to eat on the next day. We had drawn up a statement regarding the issue and he had signed it”, he added. Indifference demonstrated by the international organizations on violence against protestors in France just raise a bitter smile.  Thus MFA of France stated that they hope Mehman Huseynov will be released soon. Hundreds of people are detained and face violation in France, but despite all these France comments on Mehman Huseynov who arrested 2 years ago. 


A question arises that why human rights defenders, the Council of Europe, the European Union, the European Parliament, the United Nations and its institutions that are called the cradle of democracy turn a blind eye  to the incidents in France.  But any minor event in Azerbaijan are analyzed as a politic case  and the country is accused of anti-democracy. In fact,  approach towards Azerbaijan demonstrate that they are biased and show double standards in the frame of personal interests.

Alper Turan 

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