Putin and Erdoğan. What unites them?..

‘Unhappiness can be a bridge to happiness’ is a well-known proverb.

V.V. Putin and R.T. Erdoğan were going to the “top” in the same ways. V.V. Putin is the follower of eccentric B.N. Yeltsin, while Erdoğan is a protégé of religious advocate F.Gulen, a follower of Said Nursi, who has lived in Pennsylvania, USA, for over 30 years. 

Putin adapted to severe life conditions under the diktat of US aides before Erdoğan, and later, after Yeltsin’s death, was freeing the country with difficulty, but professionally, first from ruinous heritage of B. Yeltsin, the main destructor of modern Russia, and then, gradually, from America’s numerous aides and myrmidons of collapse and disintegration of Russia, as a great Empire in former times. However, unfortunately, some of those who sold out the Russian Soviet industry, squandered the wealth of the USSR and Russia, still preserve their warm posts, but under the ban “not to play politics!”

Thus, while the USA were relaxing and liquidating several important CIA units working on the Soviet Union, leaving some Sovietologists who went free floating without special attention and sufficient finances, something irretrievable happened. The West, being sure that the USSR was finally and irreversibly defeated and only one thing was left, figuratively, to swallow and digest what had been swallowed, did not care about even the nearest future, having forgotten bitter historic events in Europe, i.e. Napoleon’s defeat in 1812 and Hitler’s in 1945, and revival of the USSR after World War II with huge arsenal of nuclear weapon. They did not admit even the thought of a forthcoming potential confrontation of Russia, rising from the ashes, a strong state, which the West with its resources, including mass media, is up in against today… This suddenly struck western leaders like a thunderbolt from a clear sky.

Self-confidence of personal force failed the USA, Russia’s main enemy.  Russia started rising to its feet while the West, which broke “gentleman’s” agreement with M. Gorbachev (though, I think nobody gave the word of honour), started appropriating the states of eastern Europe, destructed Yugoslavia, deployed the troops in Afghanistan and by means of bloody, senseless and inhuman war tried to misappropriate the wealth of Iraq and Libya, and nearly disorganized Egypt, a 85-million largest Arab nation. Through join efforts the West pressured Iran with its sanctions, and the USA together with Germany decided to punish Turkey for Erdoğan’s nonfulfillment of F. Gulen’s instructions from Pennsylvania and impudence towards the European Union.

However, it turned out that the ways of the Lord are inscrutable. Russia has heartened up, again during its history, at the expense of mobilization of its own internal resources, in this case, relying upon the people’s strength of mind, oil and gas price. It engaged Orthodoxy and Orthodox culture into its political resource, overcame obstacles on the way of different kinds of development existing since Yeltsin’s time, made friends with China, dropping curtsies and easing up on Beijing concerning the claims to northern territories, having signed with it a comprehensive agreement on strategic partnership. In addition, Russia has achieved a scientific breakthrough in producing precision weapons and many other things.

And gradually, but at a growing speed, Russia turned into US headache. The weakness of B. Obama, the US 44th president, as the head of the state and politician, weakening of EU positions because of the increased number of members played into the hands of V.V. Putin, who has been gaining authority and management experience and who nearly had to transmit opposition authority because of D. Medvedev’s weakness as a politician, who assumed the role a liberal leader during his presidency (he is operative, and he is quite pleased with his current position). Unlike Putin, Medvedev believed in western politicians’ honesty and absence of big dirt in big politics.

For a short period Putin had to turn to the United Russia party, as a backup option. Moreover, the All-Russia People’s Front was found, and the members of the party proposed Putin as a candidate for the presidency… D. Medvedev had nothing to do but to join him and struggle for Putin’s being elected as President of the Russian Federation. The way of Heydar Aliyev’s return to big politics in 1993 was repeated. 

The pair of Putin and Medvedev was preserved, and, of course, thanks to the wisdom, prescience and pragmatism of V.V. Putin, who needed the person like Medvedev as the head of the Russian government, Medvedev who did not have much prestige with the Russian political elite. Thus, a balance was created and the authority of his party and real support by the population and the Church increased considerably… S. Shoygu’s appointment as Minister of Defense played a crucial role in strengthening of military force of Russia and its ranking among the largest countries of the world. V.V. Putin could trust to his friend Shoygu and rely upon him at ease. And he was right! As a result, Russia, waging a difficult war beyond its borders in Syria and actually winning the victory, became No.1 on the quality of armament and its use in military actions…

The USA, willingly or not, had to accept the situation in Syria, having lost its control over the Middle East and the Near East, and in the whole Muslim world. The US exit from the region, rich in natural resources, weakened already inconsistent policy of the EU in such a strategically and economically important space. The EU started decomposing from inside. 

In that time Turkey still was deep in thought, at a crossroads… Gulen, in fact, struck Erdoğan off the list of his faithful followers and started preparing a military coup d'état enlisting the support of very close supporters which surrounded Erdoğan from every quarter. With the help and direct participation of the USA and EU, they started preparing the overturn which failed and brought to the failure of the US policy within the NATO.

As a result, Turkey as a NATO member-state with huge military potential, gradually gave up fundamental principles of the largest military and political alliance. Therefore, all that unsettled the NATO seriously. The matter was nearly about Turkey’s exit from the alliance. That would mean the collapse of the North Atlantic alliance, a monster, devouring billions of money of its members. The Turks started negotiating some serious economic projects with Russia and even went far – had the courage unseen within the NATO to purchase Russian weapons (the matter is S-400, an anti-missile defense system), and to expand military-technical cooperation with the Russian Federation.

For those who do not know, we’ll tell that the purchase of such weapon does not end with the act of purchase. It is followed with maintenance of the weapon and invitation of military specialists to the country to train the army of the buyer, delivery of spare parts, ammunition, etc… After that everything may happen… That is a complex project connecting both the sides with necessity to take care of each other. That is more than a trade deal. The West and the East realize that very well, but the bird has left its cage. It is necessary now to catch it and place it back into the cage, and that is very problematic…

Back to the subject of the article, frankly speaking, by his miraculous rescue R.T. Erdoğan was obliged to V.V. Putin and, naturally, he could not trust to either the USA or the EU anymore, or, all the more, to Nursists persecuting him… Everybody knows what happened after. The drama of F. Gulen in Pennsylvania and Nursists in Turkey has not finished yet. But I think it would have a deplorable end for F. Gulen. It is an open secret that everything is sold and bought in this world. The only concern is the price of the deal…Today to find gentlemen among the high-ranking politicians is an already hopeless business. That is a bad omen.

As a result, Turkey made a dramatic turn towards Russia for the second time. The first was made by Ataturk at the end of World War I when the then leader of a new Turkey established positive relations with V.I. Lenin, who helped to create secular Republic of Turkey by all means, including weapons delivery, ceding a part of Greece, which lost in World War I to Turkey, appointing K.Y. Voroshilov Ataturk’s military counselor. 

It should be noted that military defeat of the Ottoman Empire and difficulties to create a new Turkish state on its ruins deprived us of the support on behalf of the Turkish people and new power, which was very important for us. The fate of the Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan became a victim of a political deal between V. Lenin and M. Ataturk on April 28, 1920, 23 months after its foundation. It became a bloody victim (maybe, compensation?!) of Bolshevik Russia… However, that remained in the past. We shall not find anything good there, let’s keep it aside…

It can be concluded that hate towards the USA united Putin and Erdoğan. It also led to foundation of the well-known triangle of Russia-Turkey-Iran. That came like a thunderbolt from a clear sky for the USA and the whole West. That became a symbolic event of the past 200 years in that part of the universe!

So, the epoch of single hegemony of the USA and the West in the Middle East and the Near East has nearly finished and it finished with failure and unseen disgrace! The role of Russia, Turkey and Iran in this historic process must be appreciated highly. We, Azerbaijanis, are in the center of the triangle, so we also can reckon upon some political and economic benefits.

Rafig Aliyev, PhD, Prof.

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