Advantages of new advertising installations in Azerbaijan

Advantages of new advertising installations in AzerbaijanExperts believe that new installations will further increase competition in the advertising market 

Companies present their products or services to customers in different ways. Among them, the oldest and most effective one is advertising, as it is the most important informational tool that affects people's thinking. At a time when technology develops, various innovations are also applied in advertising. In this sense, the experience of advanced countries is widely used. Recently, the State Advertising Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan (ADRA) has reviewed international experience and brought to the country advertising constructions used in the leading countries of the world. According to the agency, innovative and more attractive advertising installations imported to the country based on the opinion of ADRA officials, participating at international exhibitions of advertising sphere, have already been installed in the central streets and avenues of the capital, including Neftchilar, Heydar Aliyev avenues, Yusif Safarov, Zarifa Aliyeva and on other streets of the city. Inappropriate advertising installations have been replaced with new ones. The newly-installed 30 new generation advertising carriers will not only beautify Baku's image, but will also stimulate the development of advertising ecosystems. The climate of the country’s capital as well as the regions were taken into consideration when ordering these advertising installations. New advertising constructions are wind-resistant, as well as their LED screens and glasses are resistant to any climatic conditions. As a result of the investigations, about 1000 advertising carriers are expected to be renewed in Baku at the initial stage.

More than 240 new advertising installations are expected to be installed in Baku in 2019. Later, this process will be continued gradually, and along with the capital, all regions of the country will be equipped with advertising installations that meet modern standards. Experts believe that taking into account the growing flow of tourists to the country, it is important that Baku, as well as the country’s regions, be more aesthetically beautiful. New constructions to be placed in most regions of Azerbaijan will be more attractive for entrepreneurs who want to place outdoor advertisements and increase free competition among those operating in this area.

According to Huseyn Azeri, Deputy Director of Public Relations Department of the State Advertising Agency (ADRA), new advertising installations are more appropriate for Baku's climate. "These devices are more affordable in terms of safety in windy weather conditions. They are installed in the city's known areas. The number of these installations is still 30. In 2019, their number will increase. Currently, relevant research has been carried out in this area. According to its results, approximately one thousand advertising installations should be renewed as they do not meet the required standards. New advertising devices are being used in some of the world's leading countries,” said the official.

He noted that the advertising installations located in the city belong to certain entrepreneurs. "In fact, the State Advertising Agency does not have any advertising installation. We control these installations from a single source. In this regard, we have had some discussions with entrepreneurs and recommended them to update their advertising devices. At present, the tourism sector is developing in Azerbaijan. There is a huge flow of tourists in our country. Taking this into account, the aesthetic beautification of the capital and the country’s regions is a key point and is of great importance. New advertising constructions will be more attractive to entrepreneurs who want to place outdoor advertising. This will also lead to greater competition and improvement in this area,” Azeri added.

Vice President of the Union of Advertisers of Azerbaijan Sayali Safarova said that such innovations should be regarded as positive. "In any case, this is one of the next innovations in the advertising area. At present, the situation in the advertising market is not satisfactory. There is a decrease in the number of advertisers. I hope that the arrival of new constructions will attract more advertisers. Better quality advertising are important in this regard. It is more expedient to have new advertising installations in line with the modern buildings. However, it is too early to speak about the effect of these installations on the market. At present, certain work is underway in this area. In fact, advertising is the promotion of the product. Advertising plays an important role in educating the population. But the main issue is that prices are affordable. Otherwise, the situation in the market may deteriorate further,” said Safarova.

Shabnam Mehdizade

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