Rivals of Azerbaijani national team in elite round unveiled

The rivals of Azerbaijani national U-19 team in the elite round of the European championship have been defined. Report informs that, according to the draw, the team led by Vugar Mammad will compete in the 1st group together with Ireland, Russia and Romania.

Composition of all groups:

1st group: Ireland, Russia, Azerbaijan, Romania

Group 2: Greece, the Czech Republic, England, Denmark

Group 3: Germany, Hungary, Norway, Croatia

Group 4: Spain, Netherlands, Wales, Slovenia

Group 5: France, Israel, Switzerland, Poland

Group 6: Portugal (host), Scotland, Turkey, Cyprus

Group 7: Italy, Serbia, Ukraine, Belgium

Notably, the winner of the group will qualify for the final round, to be held in Armenia on July 14 - 27.

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