What will result Pashinyan-Saakyan confrontation?

What will result Pashinyan-Saakyan confrontation?According to political analysts, the Armenian leader needs a pretext to remove the "Karabakh clan" from the leadership of the separatist regime 


Relations between new Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan and leadership of the so-called regime in Karabakh are in the spotlight  after the change in Armenia authority. Although the both sides got agreement to follow stability by the parliamentary elections in the country, but it did not work. Thus,  during the election campaign an unexpected situation over Nagorno-Karabakh caused controversy  between  the two sides. Following that  Nikol Pashinyan asked for explanation from the "Nagorno-Karabakh" leadership.

It should be noted that in June of this year, rallies  against the Bako Saakyan regime in Khankendi were held and afterwards there was calmness. However, when Pashinyan declared the parliamentary election would be held on December 9  but not in spring 2019 Saakyan started taking initiative. He paid several visits abroad and held "meetings and publisized it.  Apparently, dissension  is deepening between the Armenian authorities and the Karabakh separatists. In order to break Pashinyan's plans, the leader of separatists started playing a  game.

Interestingly, what stands behind the Pashinyan-Saakyan confrontation, and what will be the result of this conflict?

Political scientist Fikret Sadikhov, a professor at the Western Kaspi University told "Kaspi” newspaper that  from the very first, Pashinyan was trying  to collect his supporters. "Of course, after the rallies in Yerevan, Pashinyan became prime minister. But in Nagorno-Karabakh separatists are still led by supporters of the former regime. Pashinyan  needed an excuse to move them away and bring, in a word , his supporters to the leadership of the so-called regime. But in the early stages it could not be achieved. Apparently, Bako Saakyan attacked by visiting  abroad and holding several meetings with certain circles there. But I deem this step by Bako Saakyan will hardly help him. Since if Pashinyan targets to dismiss Saakyan, I am sure he will be accomplish it." he added. 

"As Karabakh separatists did Pashinyan wrong. And they will be revenged after the election. Today Pashinyan’s main concern  is to win the elections. After that, Bako Saakyan's fate will be determined and his supporters , of course,  will be removed." political scientist stressed. 

According to Sadikhov, even after dismissing of Bako Saakyan, the Karabakh separatists' plans  will not change: "They are not going to give up a separatism course. This is an immutable scenario, regardless of who is on "power". However at the same time there may be a strong or weak leadership. It will be clear in the future. I do not think that any changes in this direction should occur. Because this is already a struggle within the power, and dismissal of Saakyan does not mean the course would be changed. The main point is that Pashinyan needs people who are obeying  him and carry out all his  tasks immediately, as well as not related to the previous regime. The issue of election of the Secretary General to the Collective Security Treaty Organization has nothing to do with relations between Pashinyan and Bako Saakyan. The main issue here is that Pashinyan can not keep his reputation at a certain level." he made remarks. 

Political scientist, lecturer at the Public Administration Academy, Zaur Mammadov said as some days to go to the elections in Armenia the situation is aggravated by the political camps. "Of course, there are drawbacks  between Pashinyan and the remains of the former political regime in Armenia. Depending on the results of the parliamentary elections, this conflict will be exacerbated. The point is that Pashinyan had cleaned  almost all the individuals belonging to the Republican Party of Armenia, the "Karabakh clan", from different posts. In Nagorno-Karabakh Bako Saakyan represents the former "Karabakh clan". It is not accident that the "Sasna Tser" Party stated  the next step is a revolution in  Karabakh, and to get rid of Bako Saakyan soon. It is no coincidence that Bako Saakyan left for Moscow. As  the Russian factor has historically played a major role in the protection of the Karabakh regime, in general." Mammadov said. 

According to Z.Mammadov, it is not excluded that in the near future the "Karabakh clan" and the Armenians of Armenia will have very big conflicts.



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