Azerbaijan, Belarus: commodity turnover increased by 3,3 times in Jan-Sept

AZADİNFORM. Commodity turnover between Azerbaijan and Belarus in January-September increased by 3,3 times in comparison with the same period of last year and reached 331.5 million dollars.

Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus Mikhail Rusy stated this at the meeting of the Belarusian-Azerbaijani intergovernmental commission on trade and economic cooperation which took place in Minsk. Expressing satisfaction with dynamics of trade and economic cooperation with Azerbaijan, M. Rusy told: “Now it is necessary to work on new joint projects that the trend of growth of mutual commodity turnover had steady, long-term character actively. We attach great importance to expansion of cooperation in industrial and agricultural cooperation, work of the Ganja Automobile Plant on assembly of tractors, combine harvesters, the equipment for MAZ and to release of other industrial output. We together created a branch of agricultural mechanical engineering”.

He called cooperation of Belarus and Azerbaijan very expedient in the sphere of transport and logistics, petrochemical sphere, in the field of pharmaceutics. “We are ready to further steps on creation in Azerbaijan of modern production of antineoplastic medicines. It is not only economic, but also social project. I believe that the parties promptly will adjust contacts that next year the products at this enterprise were received”, - the Deputy Prime Minister stressed.

The Belarusian government also intends to promote growth of mutual deliveries of food actively. “Confectionery, dairy, meat from Belarus are already well familiar to the Azerbaijani consumers. We welcome opening in Minsk last year of Trading House of Azerbaijan and other similar initiatives of our friends, we will render maximum assistance from the government”, - Mikhail Rusy underlined.

The First Deputy Prime Minister of Azerbaijan Yagub Eyubov noted the necessity of strengthening of economic cooperation of the two countries. “The reached level of commodity turnover does not correspond to our potential. The developed, warm and friendly relations are important. It has high value”, - he added.

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