Courts in Azerbaijan considered 389,580 cases last year

AZADİNFORM. "There are 540-550 judges in Azerbaijan, and the country's population is about 10 million people. Compared to European standards, there are 6 judges per 100,000 people in Azerbaijan," Chairman of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ramiz Rzayev said.

Report informs that he spoke at the meeting with media leaders organized by the Press Council

In line with European standards, there must be 20 judges per 100,000 people.

Rzayev said that first instance courts of Azerbaijan have examined 15,919 cases in 2017: "Of these, 357,000 are civil, 5,000 economic and 27,000 administrative cases. In total, Courts in Azerbaijan examined 389,580 cases in 2017. It's difficult for 500 judges to consider them all."

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