Pro-Armenian Cypriot MEP declared persona non grata in Albania

Pro-Armenian Cypriot MEP declared persona non grata in AlbaniaActions of Eleni Theocharous contradict the policies of the European Parliament and the EU as a whole 


Member of the European Parliament from Cyprus Eleni Theocharous has made unlawful visit to the occupied territories of Azerbaijan by the order of Armenian diaspora. As a result, she has been included to the list of undesirable persons by Azerbaijan's Foreign Ministry. At the same time, a criminal case has been launched against Theocharous under the Criminal Code of Azerbaijan. After Azerbaijan and Ukraine, Albania has become the next target of extremist calls of Theocharous, who is known for her scandalous actions, for the principles of international law, in particular the principle of territorial integrity. The extremist, nationalist speech of the MEP containing territorial claims against the southern lands of Albania was regarded by Albania as an attempt to violate its territorial integrity and constitution. Therefore, Theocharous, because of her speech full of extremism and hatred, and threatening the Albanian constitution, security and order in that country, was declared an undesirable person by the joint decision of the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Albania. Theocharous can get the "status” of the first member of the European Parliament placed on an international wanted list based on appeals from a number of countries. The fact that Theocharous was included to the list of undesirable persons by Albania, a candidate for EU membership, is the next disclosure of Armenian lobby circles, which organized her unlawful visit to the occupied territories of Azerbaijan, and particularly of Kaspar Karampetyan, who is involved in diamond trading in Brussels. It is also worth adding that founder and chairman of the German-Armenian Forum and member of Bundestag, Albert Weiler has recently become a subject of suspicion and interrogated by the law enforcement agencies of Germany during the operation carried out against the Armenian mafia in Germany. This criminal case, which involved the name of Armenian ambassador to Germany, shows that the Armenian mafia is the financial support and coordinator of the Armenian lobbyist activity. Albert Weiler was also declared as persona non grata by Azerbaijan. He wasn’t allowed to enter Azerbaijan during German Chancellor Merkel’s visit to the country. The disclosure of the Cypriot MEP in Albania, and the facts revealed in connection with the Armenian mafia in Germany make it necessary to investigate the relations of biased individuals, who act against Azerbaijan and visit its occupied territories, with Armenian organized criminal groups in the European countries, as well as in the European Parliament and the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.

Commenting on the issue, member of the Parliamentary Committee on International Affairs and Inter-parliamentary Ties, chairman of the Party of Democratic Reforms, Asim Mollazade, said that political corruption in the European political environment should be investigated. According to him, activities of Theocharous and others are directly related to corruption. "We must unambiguously assess the activities of such persons in the European Parliament and in the Council of Europe. Serious investigations must be carried out. The regrettable factor is that European politicians receive funds from some companies, lobby groups, and as a result, Armenian groups conduct serious activity in this direction in the European environment. Therefore, we must demand these investigations to be carried out. Theocharous and others, who promote bloodthirsty separatism and ethnic cleansing, do not act in the interests of their countries or peoples, but pursue the policy of the Armenian lobby and diaspora. In fact, it is time to seriously investigate the corruption created by the Armenian Diaspora in the European Parliament. There is really a great need for this as such activities are in fact contrary to the policy of the European Union. It is clear that political corruption and the Armenian lobby stand behind such activities. Actions of Eleni Theocharous contradict the policies of the European Parliament and the EU as a whole. Her visits to the occupied territories of Azerbaijan are directly related to the cooperation with the Armenian diaspora. From this point of view, it is necessary to seriously investigate the corruption activities of the Armenian lobby groups in Europe and to give them a legal assessment,” the MP noted.

According to director of the Center for Political Innovations and Technologies, political analyst Mubariz Ahmedoglu, actions that promote bloodthirsty separatism and ethnic cleansing are associated with the brain and thinking. He believes that the policy of most normal people, that is, the world's elite is aimed at supporting the principle of territorial integrity. According to the political analyst, this is a basis of stability. "But there are people who are mentally ill and have certain problems. They support separatism from the beginning to the end. However, Eleni Theocharous has different goal. Her main purpose is to gain independence to Karabakh Armenians. Because as you know, Cypriot people see themselves as the nation that suffered from the Ottoman Empire and consider the Armenians as their allies. In this regard, they consider it their duty to protect the Armenians as well. So, Theocharous seeks to support Armenians and separatists of Nagorno-Karabakh,” added Ahmedoglu.



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