Land for keeping dogs allocated on Ramil Usubov's appeal - COURT

AZADİNFORM. Court hearing on the suit by the head Khazar Region Executive Power Gulagha Islamov against Eldar Mansurov who keep nearly 300 stray dogs in the area of the district, hascontinued today.

Report informs that the representative of the Baku City Executive Authority, who was involved in the process as a third party, spoke at the court chaired by Judge Akram Gahramanov. He said that they defend the allegation by the chief executive Gulagha Islamov.

Then Mansurov noted that Interior Minister Ramil Usubov officially appealed to the Baku City Executive Power for allocating land to keep dogs. On the basis of the Minister's appeal, the Baku City Executive Authority allocated 30 hectares of land in the Qala settlement of Khazar district to keep dogs.

That order was submitted to the court.

The court gave the parties a month.

During this period, the land will be examined and it will be clear whether the parties will come to an agreement or not .

The process was postponed indefinitely.

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