Funds from Azerbaijans state budget should be allocated to online media - MP

AZADİNFORM. Funds from Azerbaijan’s state budget should be allocated to online media outlets in the country, chairman of Azerbaijan’s Press Council, Azerbaijani MP Aflatun Amashov said.

He was speaking Nov. 7 at a joint meeting of parliamentary committees for legal policy and state building, human rights, youth and sports, regional issues, international relations and inter-parliamentary ties.

“At parliamentary meetings, I repeatedly spoke about online media outlets,” he said. “There is no advertising in online media. Taking advantage of this, individual groups finance some websites, insulting, slandering businessmen, famous personalities and officials.”

“Funds from the state budget should be allocated until the advertising market is formed,” he said. “I propose to allocate one million manats to online media outlets. This is not such a big amount for the budget.”

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