U.S.-Caspian Innovation Summit to take place in Boston

AZADINFORM. The U.S.-Caspian Innovation Summit will be held on November 7 in Boston, Massachusetts. Jointly organized by the Caspian Policy Center, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the Embassies of Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Turkey, and Turkmenistan, the Summit will bring together high-level representatives from both the government and private sectors.

The representatives of academic and business community, as well as government officials from the United States and Trans-Caspian states will come together to examine and discuss how coherence, complementarity and synergy between multiple actors (government, industry, academia) involved in can be enhanced on local, national, regional, and global levels in order to promote engagement and sustainable collaboration with Boston’s unique startup and entrepreneurship ecosystem. A variety of country and regional perspectives will be shared, and participants will benefit from hearing active debates on the pros and cons of various approaches.

The summit will focus on insights and experiences around innovation, processes, startup incentives, and R&D efforts in the Boston area and the Caspian Region. Speakers and panelists will discuss and assess industry needs to identify requirements, timeframes, investment opportunities, and challenges around the building and expanding proper innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystems in Trans-Caspian states. The Summit will prepare you with the right insights and contacts in order to make better inform decisions about how to get involved in innovation programs and projects in the near future.

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