Iran's Hormozgan railways transport over 11 million tons of cargo

Some 11,655,189 tons of cargo have been transported by means of Iranian Hormozgan province’s railways from the beginning of the current year (starting on March 21, 2018), IRNA news agency quoted Mohammad Pour-Fakhri, the Director General of Hormozgan Province’s Railway Department as saying.

He noted that 4,376,225 tons of cargo have been loaded from railway stations of Gol-Gohar region, Gol-Gohar mine and Shahid Rajaei port. Some 7,278,964 tons of various mining products have been unloaded at refineries and gas processing plants, Persian Gulf Special Economic Zone, and the Shahid Rajaei por

"During this period, the borderline ton-kilometer indicator also has reached the level of 4,559,502,000 ton-kilometers. This shows 5 percent growth compared to the same period of the last year," he said.

Pour-Fakhri added that during the mentioned period, the scope of activity of Shahid Rajaei port has increased by 1 percent and amounted to 5,331,808 tons of cargo, and the volume of the loaded containers has increased by 26 percent and reached 24,615 TEUs.

The borderline ton-kilometer is a mass unit for transportation of cargo between borders by means of the railway transport. Each ton of cargo is calculated for each kilometer.

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