Over 100 tons of honey sold at beekeeping fair in Baku

Over 100 tons of honey were sold at the 19th beekeeping fair, held in Baku Oct. 5-28, said Vugar Huseynov, head of the Public Relations and Information Department of Azerbaijan’s Agriculture Ministry.

About 380 beekeepers took part in the fair organized at the Tofig Bahramov Republican Stadium, he noted, the ministry said in a message.

A total of 150 tons of honey were put up for the fair, he said.

As a result of analysis of honey samples, it was established that the quality of about 30 tons of honey is below the standards, and the sale of these products at the fair was prohibited, he added.

“Out of 120 tons of honey stored in a warehouse in the territory of the fair, 116 tons were put up for sale on a daily basis,” Huseynov said. “Daily monitoring confirmed the sale of over 100 tons of honey during the fair.”

He noted that measures were taken to curb the sale of fake honey near the stadium and around the Ganjlik metro station during the fair, adding that in order to ensure safety measures, employees of the patrol service of Azerbaijan’s Interior Ministry were deployed to the area of the fair and nearby territories.

Huseynov said that unlike in previous years, beekeepers set the price for honey themselves.

“In the first days of the fair, prices changed within 20-40 manats, in the last days, honey cost 15-25 manats,” he noted. “Prices began to decline after beekeepers sold most of the brought products.”

The average price for honey was 18-23 manats, he said.

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