Iran 7th in egg, chicken production

Minister of Agricultural Jihad says Iran is the seventh major producer of egg and chicken in the world, which is a valuable economic advantage, IRNA Reports.

“Iran is a major dairy product exporter in the region and we are planning to invest more in the field,” said Mahmoud Hojjati at the second International Ornamental Plants' Congress, held in Iran’s central city of Mahallat.

He added that the problems related to truck drivers, that had negatively affected the chicken and grain distribution network, has been solved.

He referred to Mahallat’s potential in producing ornamental fishes and said a cultivation village will be open in near future.

He said that 1,100 greenhouses are to be set up by the end of current Iranian year (March 20) in addition to the 1,400 ones that opened during the first half of current year.

He also predicted summer crops production to reach three million tons.

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