85 killed, 110 wounded as supporters of Bashar al-Assad and Iran clash in Syrian Halab

85 people were killed and 110 wounded as a result of the clashes between Iran's supporters and al-Shabiha militants led by Bashar al-Assad in Syrian city Halab.

Report informs citing Haber7 that the incident took place on the loot gained from the territories controlled by the Syrian armed forces.

The military men who are faithful to Bashar al-Assad army did not interfere the collision between Shabiha and pro-Iranian forces.

65 percent of Halab territory has been controlled by the Syrian Liberation Army for five years. At present, the army has abandoned these areas and the territories have been under the control of Shabiha and Iranian militants.

It was noted that Shabiha was established in the 1980s by the Syrian President Hafiz Assad's son Namir Assad and his brother Rifat Assad. The armed group consists of Berry and Beggar tribes. They are currently fighting by Bashar al-Assad in Syria. The UN recognized Shabiha as a criminal gang.

Notably, Bashar al-Assad's regime adopted the National Property Law four months ago to legalize the sack in the occupied territories.

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