Russian-Chinese ties at their best level in history, says defense minister

Relations between Russia and China are at their best level now and the two countries actively cooperate in multilateral formats, showing an example of responsible approach to solving international problems, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said, TASS reports.

"At the moment Russian-Chinese relations see one of the best periods throughout their history," Shoigu said on Friday at the meeting with deputy chief of China’s Central Military Council, Zhang Youxia.

According to Shoigu, Moscow and Beijing demonstrate an example of a balanced and responsible approach to solving vital international problems. "Our countries efficiently cooperate in various multilateral formats, namely BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa), the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and the United Nations. The sides closely coordinate their positions on regional issues, including security in North East and Central Asia and in the Middle East," Shoigu said.

The cornerstone of stable Russian-Chinese ties is close friendly relationship between the two leaders. This year Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping have held three meetings, including full-fledged summits in Beijing and Vladivostok. "The indicator of a special degree of political trust in Russian-Chinese relations is dynamic cooperation in military and military-technical areas," Shoigu said, stressing that the two leaders define the depth, character and focus of this cooperation.

"We plan to fully implement our current agreements in military and technical cooperation," Shoigu said, noting that this meeting is a chance to discuss vital issues of regional security in the hotbeds of tension, namely the Middle East, Syria and Libya.

According to the minister, on Friday the sides will sum up the results of this year’s cooperation and outline priority tasks for the near future. "We are determined to work effectively and successfully and this will further contribute to enhancing partnership and strategic cooperation between our countries," Shoigu said.

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