Azerbaijan proposing Kyrgyzstan to create JV in tourism

Azerbaijan is proposing Kyrgyzstan to create a joint venture (JV) in the field of tourism, Azerbaijan’s Deputy Economy Minister Sahib Mammadov said during the 8th meeting of economy ministers of the Cooperation Council of Turkic-Speaking States (CCTS) in Bishkek, Kyrgyz media reported.

Speaking about cooperation between the two countries, Mammadov also noted a good level of interaction in the agricultural sector.

He said that in 2017, Azerbaijan invested $18.8 million in the Kyrgyz economy, while Kyrgyzstan invested $2 million in the Azerbaijani economy for the year.

The 8th meeting of CCTS economy ministers is taking place in Bishkek. Representatives of Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Hungary and the Secretariat of the Turkic Council are taking part in the meeting.

Council members discuss prospects of economic relations among countries, as well as develop a common position on the issues of further deepening cooperation, which were considered during the 6th Summit of the CCTS Heads of States Sept. 3, 2018.

On October 16, the 10th meeting of the CCTS Working Group on Economic Cooperation was also held with the participation of experts from the CCTS member countries and the Secretariat of the Turkic Council.

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