Netanyahu meets Intel's top execs in Jerusalem

Israel's Prime Minister: Intel has invested $38 billion in Israel. The partnership is huge, and we expect to expand it even further, Globes reports.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu today met with senior executives from Intel in his office in Jerusalem.

"Seven years ago, I said that Israel would be a leading global power in cyber defense, and it happened. Now I say that Israel is still and will continue to be an even greater force in smart transportation technology," Netanyahu said at the outset of the meeting. "In the cooperation between us, we are proving that the future belongs to those who innovate. Intel is an innovation company and Israel is the innovation nation. The partnership with Intel is huge, and we expect to expand it even further. I want to thank you for doing good work and for knowing a good thing when you see it."

Commenting on Intel's monetary investment in Israel, Netanyahu said, "Intel has invested $38 billion. This is an amazing investment with stunning results. I think that you were among the first to recognize the great potential in Israel and in the partnership between us. Everyone is investing in R&D in Israel now, but you are different, because you aren't investing only in R&D; you're also investing in production and exports, and that is of course very important for Israel. We believe that the partnership between Israeli companies and Intel can only increase."

At their meeting, Netanyahu and the Intel executives discussed global technological development and innovation, with an emphasis on smart technology, cyber, and digital health. They also discussed Israel as a global research and development center for hundreds of leading companies.

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