Turkish police busts Saudi plane with drugs worth $2.3M on board

The Turkish police has found a large consignment of drugs in a cargo plane belonging to Saudi Arabia, in the provincial airport of Adana, the Turkish media reported Oct. 11.

The reports say over 9,000 of pills were discovered in the plane. The total cost of drugs is estimated to be some 14 million Turkish liras (over $2.3 million).

Other details of the operation have not been disclosed.

In January-February 2018, 3,722 kilograms of heroin were confiscated, the Turkish Interior Ministry said earlier.

During the reporting period, 16,802 kilograms of psychotropic substances and 202 kilograms of Bonzai drugs were confiscated in Turkey.

During the reporting period, 3,823 people, including foreigners, were detained within the fight against drug traffickers.

In total, 20,000 tons of heroin was confiscated in Turkey in 2017.

The official exchange rate for October 11 is 6.0995 TL / USD.

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