US must respect Turkish justice Erdogan

The US must respect the Turkish justice, the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said, commenting on the arrest of the American pastor Andrew Brunson, the Turkish media reported Oct. 11.

President Erdogan noted that Turkey is a democratic and sovereign republic, and no one has the right to interfere in the affairs of the country's law enforcement agencies.

Earlier, Ismail Halavurt, the lawyer of the US pastor Andrew Brunson convicted in Turkey, filed an appeal to the Constitutional Court of the country.

Halavurt appealed to the court for serious crimes of Turkey to cancel the decision on the house arrest of Brunson.

Previosly, US President Donald Trump promised to impose “large sanctions” against Turkey for detaining the US pastor Andrew Brunson, who is accused in being connected to the coup attempt in Turkey in 2016..

" The United States will impose large sanctions on Turkey for their long time detainment of Pastor Andrew Brunson, a great Christian, family man and wonderful human being,” Trump tweeted. “He is suffering greatly. This innocent man of faith should be released immediately!"

The court in the Turkish province of Izmir decided earlier to transfer the American pastor Andrew Brunson to house arrest. By the court decision dated July 25, Brunson is prohibited from leaving Turkey. A week ago, the same court rejected the petition of the pastor’s defense for release. The next hearings for the Brunson case have been scheduled for October 12.

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