NASA's International Space Apps Challenge

For the first time, Georgia will participate in NASA's International Space Apps Challenge from the astronomical observatory of Abastumani. Space Apps is an international hackathon that occurs over 48 hours in cities around the world. The hackathon is organized by the US space agency NASA, and will be taking place from 19 till 21 October, GeorgiaToday reports.

A Hackathon is a marathon in which projects are developed in a very short time. During the 48 hours, its participants will have to develop projects, the best projects will be considered for Global Awards.

The Hackathon International Space Apps Challenge is the largest marathon that starts all over the world at the same time and unites people interested in the challenges that exist on Earth and in space.

Scientists, designers, inventors, builders, technologists will be able to take part in the marathon, to participate in the marathon you need to register before October 16 on the space apps challenge website. Event organizers will contact candidates on October 17.

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