Azerbaijan changes rules for issuing visas to foreigners

The period of temporary stay in Azerbaijan for foreigners and stateless persons has been increased from 10 to 15 days.

In this regard, the changes have been made to the decisions of the Cabinet of Ministers on approving the "Procedure for filling out the visa application form", the sample of "Application form for obtaining a visa" and the sample of "Petition of the party inviting a foreigner or stateless person to Azerbaijan."

The decision has been signed by the Prime Minister Novruz Mammadov.

According to the law, from now on, the State Migration Service will receive applications and documents for registration of a foreigner or stateless person, temporarily staying in Azerbaijan not for 10, but for more than 15 days.

In addition, not an official note from an international organization or a country that is represented by a foreigner or a stateless person or a petition from the relevant agencies of Azerbaijan, but a petition from a party inviting a foreigner or a stateless person will be required. This decision does not apply to transit and tourist visas.

Also, if the party inviting a foreigner or a stateless person is a non-governmental organization, a copy of the state registration certificate of this entity, a document confirming the reason for the invitation will be required. Such confirming document is not required for transit, tourist, official visas and the visas for personal trips.

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