Poacher wounds two employees of Ghizil-Agaj National Park

A person who crossed to the Ghizil-Agaj National Park without permission and attempted hunting fired at the park employees who were carrying out their duties and escaped the scene, Report informs citing the press service of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources.

The incident took place on October 1 night. The poacher who crossed to the territory of the National Park without permission of the security huntsmen fired at huntsmen Arif Jafarov and Boyukyshi Garashov and wounded them. The huntsmen were taken to the hospital and rendered  medical assistance. District police department was informed about the fact.

As a result of the investigations, the poacher, who wounded the security huntsmen and left the scene was identified as Ilgar Samadov, a resident of Kochakli village, Masalli district. He was detained as a result of operative-search actions by law enforcement agencies.

Investigation on the incident is underway. 

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