Azerbaijans insurance company increases authorized capital

AtaInsurance OJSC, Azerbaijan’s insurance company, has increased its authorized capital, said the message posted on the Electronic System for Information Disclosure (ESID) on Aug. 17.

The company issued 88,000 ordinary book-entry shares worth 25 manats each.

AtaHolding OJSC, the only shareholder of the company, became the buyer of the shares.

Thus, the authorized capital of AtaInsurance OJSC grew by 2.2 million manats to 14.6 million manats.

AtaInsurance has been carrying out insurance activity since 2004 and is part of AtaHolding OJSC.

The company collected premiums worth 10.36 million manats for the first half of 2018 and made payments of 3.96 million manats, according to Azerbaijan’s Financial Market Supervisory Authority.

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